Anonymous: For dinner, do you think its healthier to get the chicken caesar salad or just the regular caesar salad? i know the chicken has more calories and fat but it has more protein as well, or is there another salad i could get thats healthier?? 

I personally don’t like Caesar salad, because it comes drenched in this unnecessary sauce and is smothered with cheese and crutons. Make it light: ditch the crutons, go light on the cheese, and opt for grilled chicken. Try a different sauce, maybe garlic or raspberry vinaigrette. But as far as salad goes, the best ones are filled with more veggies (and fruits!) than any other excess stuff. Always think green and wholesome. The best flavors come from the different combinations of produce, such as strawberries + spinach + mandarins, or lettuce + tomato + cucumber + avocado + produce, produce, produce. Try to opt for a salad with ingredients that could come straight from the garden!

Posted on 15 April
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